How to Remove Tough Underarm Stains

February 20, 2017

How to Remove Tough Underarm Stains and Odors on Shirts

What you’ll need to remove the stains:

  1. Tide laundry detergent
  2. Clear ammonia
  3. gloves to protect your hands
  4. an old toothbrush


  • First, mix 1 part Tide to 1 part clear ammonia.
  • Wear gloves, to avoid any chemical burn to your hands.
  • To make it easy, use the measuring cup that comes on a large container of Tide to
  • Then, turn the shirt inside out and lay flat on a thick white towel.
  • You can use a colored towel, but make sure it has been washed multiple times so that the color will not bleed.
  • If there’s any doubt, use a white towel.
  • Next, completely cover the underarm of the shirt.
  • Use an old toothbrush to gently rub the solution into the fabric of the entire underarm area.
  • The toothbrush will help lift up the fibers of the shirt and allow the solution to penetrate into the material.
  • After that, allow the solution to sit for 20-30 minutes before launder the shirt as you usually would – preferably in warm-hot water.


Underarm Stain Removal Questions

Will this method cause the color to change on my shirt?

Anytime you use intense stain removal methods, there is a chance that you’ll lighten the color of the fabric or cause the appearance to change.

A good rule of thumb: If I’m already not going to wear the garment because of a stain, then I won’t be nervous if I ruin it in trying to get the stain out.


Can I use a detergent other than Tide?

Of course!


Should I dry the shirt in the dryer after going through this stain removal process?

Don’t dry your shirt in the dryer until you are totally satisfied with the stain removal.

Dryer heat always sets in stains.

Hang your shirt to dry and examine it in bright light to determine if the stain removal meets your approval.


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